I Did it Myself!

Have you ever struggled trying to learn to do something that challenged you and were not able to get the help you needed to break through? This has totally been me recently while diving into computer programs and apps I’ve needed to learn to use to communicate with my friends. I recently came across a quote that made me pause. It went something like this: Don’t be disappointed if people refuse to help you. Remember the words of Einstein: “I am thankful to all those who said No. Because of them, I did it myself.”

The feeling of success is so empowering when, after hours of watching YouTube tutorials, reading technical advice on the programs or apps themselves, much trial and error, and even more prayer, I created something that works!

I recall many other situations in my life where I had to figure it out – do it myself. So have you. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit to believe that we can. I know each time self-doubt made me hesitant to try, yet most often my stubborn determination to succeed (such as in Full Immersion) would not let me give up until I had done exactly that. I believe that God stands with us and for us helping us see in new ways, overcoming what might have been blocking our progress. He wants us to see these as growth opportunities to build our confidence in Him and ourselves as His children.

I have a new appreciation for the phrase “Google It”.

Please remember to be patient with yourself every day. Give yourself the same care you give everyone else in your life, that same vote of confidence that empowers you to do what is needed. To be able to say “I did it myself.”

I am planning a book launch/signing party after Full Immersion is released in October. Please keep watching your emails (and my Facebook author page) for information. Brownies will be served!!