Thanks to all who shared in the Madison book signing event! So much fun!!

If you were not able to come please join me at Barnes and Noble on Briargate across from the Chapel Hills Mall, Saturday, November 9, beginning at 12:00 noon. Visit for more details. Love to see you!

I have been thrilled to read the comments and reviews that folks have shared. Please let me know how I can be an encouragement in the challenges you may be facing with care-giving whether it be for children, parents, grandparents, or in another role that has become yours. There is comfort in knowing someone understands the selfless nature always being there for another person often requires. Yet it is so important to remember that you will be better equipped to provide for their needs if you’ve met your own, too.

My fur baby, Dixie, models for me the need to rest and restore energy. It is okay for us to take a moment to be still. We’ll have the renewed strength to take on the remainder of what we need to accomplish if we do.

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