A huge thank you to all who helped make the Barnes & Noble book signing so much fun!

The lasting impression of this event for me is one of appreciation for my ever-growing family of friends for whom differences are cherished and arms of acceptance are always open. One observation in particular left me in awe.

I am blessed!
New friends and renewed friendships take on richer meaning when the challenges of lives lived “fully immersed” connect them.

In looking at the photos shared with me, I was reminded of how the challenges in our lives have significance. They grow us into knowledge of who God has created us to be and intensify our character and our ability to reach out to others. We are able to be there for each other, to understand, and to encourage one another. When I need nuturing, I find it in a friend who has been through hard times, who has depth and strength, wisdom of experience. These folks are gifts. Thank you for being among those gifts in my life!

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