So grateful to all of you for sharing your journeys with me!

I have been blessed to meet new friends and reconnect with others who have been such a powerful part of my life for sometime. So many folks shared that they are in the midst of care-giving for loved ones themselves or are looking for ways to support friends who are there. The place to begin is to make your needs known – ask for help from a friend or another family member. Sharing the responsibility, if only for a brief time, so that you or your friend can have self-care opportunities is hugely impactful. Reach out for help or offer that help if you can!

Please join me at the Citadel Mall Barnes and Noble store, 795 Citadel Dr., on Saturday, December 7, 11:00-3:00, for a Full Immersion book signing event. Books will be available. Brownies will be served!!

My Amazon page for Full Immersion now has an author page attached. Simply click on my name next to the title (it will be linked directly to my author page). You can still go to: and to

Sorry, ice cream not included!

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