What good are you discovering?

I never really considered myself a technology person, using what I needed to and was comfortable with in my classroom, but I have always enjoyed keeping in touch with friends through email and Facebook. Since retiring from the classroom and writing more, I have discovered my computer and cell phone are constant companions. I’ve learned to do so many things I never knew before, experienced the wonders YouTube has to offer in managing the “how- to’s” of life, used Facebook and Instagram (haven’t found the user friendly piece of Twitter, yet) to share with “old” friends and connect with new ones, and learned how to blog – I think? I’ve experienced the joys of emotion-filled photos and stirring, inspirational music drawing me into a deeper appreciation of God’s love for His people and His desire that we love and support each other.

During this historic time of change and challenge, I’m thrilled to be discovering how much good still exists around us. We are so busy “doing” all the opportunities our society has as to offer we have lost sight of just “being”. Parents are overwhelmed by the requirements of their their jobs, caring for homes, rushing children to music lessons, sporting events, contests, and competitions at such a pace that they (and often the kiddos) are burnt out. Quality of life not exactly as desired. Now that we’ve been forced to slow down many can opt to spend some of this time differently: crossing off “to do” list items, reading those books we’ve been hoping to get to, adopting a pet. Often there is purpose in distraction, diversion, detours, and “holding patterns”. Sometimes Gods’s plan is that we are forced to look at what we are doing, take a breath and reassess.

Good is coming from this. Families are spending more quality time together, communicating, sharing, playing games, taking walks, bike rides, and reestablishing relationships. Children are able to continue learning through online resources. It’s amazing how many academic sites are offering free access to their programs during this time. Libraries are reinstating library cards for access to the electronic resources, videos of workouts, yoga classes, etc. are available through health clubs now closed. Museums are providing free virtual field trips and tours of great venues all over the world. Folks are offering support for others in their neighborhoods who have additional health restrictions and need groceries and supplies. We are phone calling, video chatting, and checking in with each other more than ever. Church services are still being held online. Old fashioned things in new fashioned ways.

We are being required to change our physical routines, to accommodate doing things differently, and to consider others in our plans (social distancing, working from home, etc.). As expected, some folks are struggling to do this, while many realize the validity and value in it. God’s directive to be still, to reframe, refocus, and reorganize our priorities is being recognized. Good will prevail! Jeremiah 29:11 tells of God’s plan for good to give us a future and a hope.

Thank you for being part of the GOOD!!

God wastes nothing. Think about that a moment!

Joshua 1:9 Be strong and of good courage. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you.

Tell me what I can do to help you.







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