I’m so blessed with great friends!

Have you called a friend just to say thank you? Have you had a friend call you just to say thank you? Those seemingly insignificant things can make such a big impact on how we view ourselves and what we’ve been trying to accomplish. Showing appreciation, simply expressing that you thought about someone is so important. We realize that we are not alone, but are connected, significant.

Especially if you are a caregiver you know the value of a thank you, of gratitude, of someone caring enough to tell you that you are appreciated. My prayer is that you have this someone, or better still several someones to support you in prayer and offer help. You may need to reach out and ask. Friends mean well but are often not sure how to help. Make these suggestions that they might: offer to run an errand for you, provide care for a few hours so you can have a break, offer to drive to a medical appointment so you have less to navigate, provide meal support, etc. Simply caring enough to offer assistance does wonders for your morale, emotional health, and certainly adds that beneficial social interaction. During the years I was caring for my mother and my brother, any of these was of huge significance. An occasional meal I did not have to prepare was a lovely respite, for sure!!

In the midst of the current Covid pandemic stay-at-home restrictions, God has blessed me with an opportunity to share my story and make a new friend, Allison Robenstein. Who is she? She is a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette. So what? Well, she and I were supposed to meet. We were strangers who were to learn how much we have in common; the lack of a secure, loving relationship with our fathers, mothers we loved and lost to dementia, the guilt, anger, and frustration about not being able to “fix it” for them. Allison’s loss two years ago is still fresh and terribly painful. Mine twenty-one years ago has been a part of my life so long I have some perspective that allows me to be witness to the healing power of God’s love and the joy of friendships. He brought us together at the right time for His purpose, healing and supporting each other and reaching out to our Colorado Springs community for this same purpose. Please click on the article link below. I pray that this is a blessing in your life.


Another dear friend, Star shared this comment:

Full Immersion by Nancy Koenig is a quick read  and very relatable.  Her story is  heartfelt and inspirational  illustrating how submission to the Will of God may not be easy at the time, but reflection shows how we  are provided for and protected.  It is easy to see comparable events within  our personal lives while also pointing our hearts to a Higher Power of influence. It is not a book promoting her personal religious beliefs but includes the impact of personal conviction on the events in our lives.   I have recommended this book to many friends and am looking forward to the sequel. 
Star Harmon Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Full Immersion is also available through Covered Treasures bookstore in Monument, CO and Barnes and Noble stores.

Blessings, Nancy

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